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'LET'S START' - The Concert Zither is a wonderful book for absolute beginners. It's great value and comes with a quality play along digital music on which each line of music is recorded. Buy the book and digital music MP3s today online with Paypal; or if you prefer, order the physical book with CD which is shipped same day, fast worldwide airmail.
Zither Let's Start
Zither Duet Albums
These two great digital music and book packages '20 Great Zither Duets' and 'Great Folk Songs' contain pieces for the beginner to play on their own as well as challenging pieces for the more experienced players, and those looking to play in an ensemble. Play-a-long, learn and perform from a book and digital music without spending big money or leaving the house.

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Take a look at our FAQs section where we have useful information on how to tune your zither, different types of zithers and where to buy strings and other components. ENJOY FINDING OUT MORE ABOUT THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF ZITHERS!
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